I am Heartsick

I am Heartsick

How do you comfort someone whose land of hearts knows 

no peace

The airs of freedom have been stolen, polluted

Sullied by the sounds of bombs, guns, and each mother’s mourning wails

Each morning is clouded and divided

Because air is something no human can truly live without

The sky is our air; each morning resets

It reaches across thousands of miles to connect our three hearts to one

if i only reach out my hand to get there

though you and i are in wholly different lands


How do you teach someone wholly when their hearts are 

sick and empty

The land across the world from me aches with worry

There is blood soaking the streets and cruel boots marching on the ground

We come from lands of one and three

And hope our friendship can stand the test of this trial

This righteous pain caused by unholy gods

Leaves us feeling small where we could be giants

And yet, if i could fix this myself

You’d need only tell me where to start


If you needed a mountain, 

I’d sink my fingers into the earth and shift the tectonic plates

If you needed the moon,

I’d tear down the sky, star by star, and beg with silver tears until it came

If you needed a hero,

I’d crawl up to Olympus and best Heracles to steal his title myself


but i can’t

and so 

I am Heartsick