The Trades That Left Nats Fans In Disbelief 

Nationals fans were left in awe and disappointment after finding out some of their favorite star players had been traded for new rookie prospects. This summer, the Nats traded a lot of their players, however, a few trades were taken harder than others. Thousands of Nationals fan jerseys that read Scherzer, Schwarber, and Turner are now no more than mementos of the past. As a result, the trade sparked a lot of conversations about the motives of the general manager, Mike Rizzo. Was it money? Loss of hope for success? Actually, the reason for the trade is much more intricate than many individuals believe.  

 The Nats were struggling in their 2021 season– they’ve currently lost more than half of their games played this season. Manager, Mike Rizzo, quickly realized that his team’s shot at going far in the World Series was obsolete. Instead of trying to push through with his current team, he decided to take a different approach. According to the Washington Post, Rizzo took a “step back” and recognized that the future of his program was more important than trying to excel in the current season. A refresh of players was exactly what Rizzo felt the Nationals needed. While Turner, Scherzer, and Schwarber are known for their excellent ability to play baseball, they have already peaked and are on the downslopes of their career. On the other hand, new prospects would allow the team to prosper in the upcoming seasons, instead of continuing to fizzle out as each new season passes. So while many Nationals fans are still angered and disappointed by the trades made, the new prospects will hopefully be able to bring back the National’s winning reputation. 

 A promising start for the Nats, with new rookie, Josiah Grey, on the rubber makes it worth watching these new players. Starting out his season, the rookie only gave up 2 earned runs in 10 innings (Washington Post). Overall, the Nats seem to have a promising future ahead of them. Hopefully they are able to translate the new prospects’ skills and incorporate them into one dominating team. 

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