Where Are We At? NFL Standings

The 2021 NFL season is the 102nd season of the NFL, and they are in the fourth week of games. This season is the first 17 game season, extending from 16. The Las Vegas Raiders are leading the AFC 3-0, and The Cardinals, Panthers, and Rams all are tied at 3-0 to lead the NFC. With the season just beginning, it is anyone’s ball game. 

The Raiders lead the AFC, the whole conference. It is because of Derek Carr. He leads the NFL with 817 passing yards according to fansided.com. The team has had some great wins vs. the Ravens and Steelers which makes Vegas fans excited and looking forward to the playoffs.

The defending champs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, kicked off the season against the Dallas Cowboys, a great season opener with 2 popular quarterbacks Tom Brady and Dak Prescot, who just came back from a broken ankle injury. The Bucs beat the Cowboys, 31-29 in their first game. With some big veteran players on the roster, they will make it to the playoffs, time will tell how far.

The Rams have the best player in the NFL, defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The Rams play the Cardinals this Sunday, 10/3, and one team should emerge the leader in the NFC West. The Panthers face the Cowboys this week and have their first real test on defense. The Rams should come out on top of this three way tie since they have the best defense in the league. Their offense is solid, Wide Receiver Cooper Kupp and Quarterback Mathew Stafford have a great connection on the field.

The first three weeks have been interesting and worth the watch. Stay updated at www.espn.com/nfl.