Here are 4 Tips to Have the Best Score on PSAT Day

The PSAT is 5 days away, on Wednesday, October 13th. Here are some tips to help you prepare for it. 

Organize your study space.

Making sure you have a clean and organized workspace tends to help you stay focused while studying. When I have a mess around, it just bothers me…and stops me from studying.

Studying resources.

The SAT and PSAT practice booklet is provided by Wakefield, and is a great studying tool. It looks thick, but is worth opening. There are practice questions and tips that can really help you study. It is from College Board, the actual company that produces the test, so it is reliable.

Taking breaks.

Taking breaks help with relaxing your mind for a moment to be able to get back on track and be more focused. Take breaks while studying and even on exam day. (If you need a break before break time on SAT/PSAT Day, ask to go to the bathroom.)

On exam day….

Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast, wear some comfortable attire, and take some snacks and water with you. Hope you all do great, take a deep breath, and don’t stress yourself out. 

Good luck, Warriors!