4 Haunted Trails and Events to Visit Halloweekend

(and the next weekend, through November 6th)

Are you bored sitting at home doing nothing this weekend? Why not go somewhere to have fun and get a little spooked this Halloween weekend!

Cox Farms Field of Fear: This Sunday, 10/31 and through next weekend, November 6th

With over 20 acres on site in Centreville. It is a littel drive, and there is a lot to do.

The Darkside Hayride: According to their website, fieldsoffear.coxfarms.com you should “Get ready for the ride of your life.”

The Forest is where you, “Walk more than half a mile through the woods where you’ll encounter chainsaws, spiders…and pretty much anything else that might make you shriek” according to fieldsoffear.coxfarms.com.

The Firegrounds is the place to take a break from the scares and  “hang around one of our blazing fires, hit the dance floor, be a karaoke star or take a ride down the huge six-lane slide”  according to fieldsoffear.coxfarms.com.

All of this and more attractions are included with your admission ticket. Tickets are only available online and are sold out for Saturday, 10/30. The field of fear runs through November 6th. Buy tickets here: fieldsoffear.coxfarms.com/tickets.

Workhouse Haunt: Now – November 7th

According to their website, workhousearts.org, this annual event is part of the “Workhouse Performing Arts Program, allowing local youth to practice their acting skills, set production and overall theatrical skills.” 

This walk-through event takes visitors through 30 minutes of spooky scenes with costumed characters, then to the site’s abandoned buildings and into the dark woods where terrifying ghouls await. It is set in a former penitentiary adding even more spookiness to the visit. 

Buy tickets here: insidenovatix.com/organizations/workhouse-arts-center

CornStalker’s Trail of Terrors: Now – November 6th

CornStalker is open Fri.- Sat. 7:30 till 11:00 and open Sundays 7:30 till 10:30. CornStalker is located at the Blue Crabs Stadium in Waldorf, Maryland.

They are in their 6th season. They have five attraction areas, so there is a lot to do. According to the website, “These attractions include the “Graves Farmhouse”, “CornStalker’s Trail”, “Hillbilly Homestead”, “The Asylum” and the new “Barnyard”!

Buy tickets here: app.hauntpay.com/events/cornstalker-s-trail-of-terror-season-6

The Death Trail Haunted Attraction: Saturday and Sunday (10/30 and 10/31)

The Death Trail is located in Dumfries, Virginia. This attraction is only 15 dollars and seems scary. According to the website, “Join the thousands that have voted this as one of the best scares around. Go deep into infested woods where you will come face to face with your worst fears.” Tickets are selling out fast for tonight. There are still some tickets for tomorrow night.

Buy tickets here: app.hauntpay.com/events/the-death-trail