Call of Duty Vanguard Out Now: Should You Play?

Call of Duty Vanguard is Activision’s 8th World War II game and comes out November 5th. The game has a high chance of doing well.

One of the main features I like about the game is that it handles really similarly to Warzone, so the gameplay doesn’t feel foriegn. Another is that the graphics are pretty good, and the maps seem to match the World War II design, and the way it’s set up looks as if you’re able to adjust to it very quickly. Lastly, the game seems fairly easy to play because you’ll most likely be paired up with people around the same skill level as you.

Activision has a decent chance of succeeding already because of the way everything is set up, and if they listen to the community that they’ll have an even better game. The reason I say this is because a decent amount of people don’t like the game from what they’ve seen from the beta, however, I think that Activision will definitely add adjustments to meet the games standards for everyone.

According to the AU Review, “Modes can now be selected with ‘Pacing’ in mind, which determines the number of players that face off in any given mode. Three tiers of pacing incrementally increase the chaos.” This new game mode will be able to appeal to even the most casual players as well. It is worth the play time.