Oh Poop! How Experts are Keeping Track of New Variants of COVID-19

Here is a COVID-19 update. The Omicron variant of the coronavirus began in November 2021. This variant seems to be one of many to come. 

According to cnbc.com, “as long as the virus keeps spreading…it’ll continue to mutate going forward, creating more variants down the road.”

Unfortunately, it is not yet known how easily Omicron spreads, the severity of the illness, or how well the vaccines work against it. It is said that omicron symptoms are more contagious than other variants and it is expected that if people are vaccinated or show no symptoms they can still spread the variant to others. 

According to The Washington Post, “Across the United States, scientists have analyzed sewage water to determine how intense outbreaks might be, given limits on testing, or to predict where the next one might hit.” Yes, Wakefield! Scientists are testing our poop to gather information about the virus and future variants.

The best protective measures against catching COVID continue to be wearing masks, maintaining good hygiene, and practicing social distancing; it is also encouraged that you get tested if you show symptoms.