Get Help with Paper, the Online Tutoring Company


Chloe and Nico wrote about their experience with Paper, the online tutoring company.

More students are searching for resources for help with school work when at home. Fortunately, APS has provided Wakefield students with an online source to help all students, at all times called Paper. This resource helps students by providing them with assigned personal tutors, unique to the subject they are taking, as well as to each individual student’s learning style. It allows students to talk directly with tutors online at any hour of the day, providing them assistance in any subject or assignment they may be struggling with. 

When first creating an account, the site begins by asking several questions related to your preferred style of learning. The website assigns tutors that are based on your answers to these questions. When signing into an account with APS, the website presents students their individual class schedule and all courses they are currently enrolled in. Under each course, there is an option for a tutor. This simple process provides easy access to tutors 24/7. Yes, even including late night assistance, like at 11:50 P.M. for that assignment you forgot to complete. Not only does this website provide assistance for assignments and school work, but it also provides assistance to the students focused on applying to college. By allowing students to upload college essays to Paper, students can receive commentary and feedback on how to further improve them. This also applies to resumes, which you can upload into Paper Tutor and receive feedback on as well. 

The app works like this; you log into Paper using a button on the top right hand side of the screen. After following the instructions, (make sure to log in with your school account), all the classes you are currently taking will appear. On the left hand side of the screen, buttons below your classes say “Ask a Tutor.” When you press these buttons, you are placed in a chat with a tutor that is specifically educated in that subject. They will usually ask you what you need help on, and you can describe your problem, or if you are on your phone, send a picture of the question to the tutor. There is a whiteboard feature you can use to help you describe the problem, and is most commonly used by math tutors to show the students a walkthrough of the problem. The tutors want you to learn the information, meaning that they will not give you the answer outright, but instead walk you through a problem and how to go through similar questions.

This underrated resource can be beneficial to all Wakefield students. The first quarter ends in 3 weeks, so try it now to get your grades up or keep them up.