Prince Harry’s New Memoir: The Definition Of Controversial

The British Royal Family dominated the news feed in 2022, with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, then 3 months later her passing in September, and, to finish off the year, Netflixed released Prince Harry and Meghan’s controversial 6-part series with Oprah Winfrey called “Harry And Meghan”.

The Netflix series was created with the purpose of giving a behind-the-scenes look into Harry and Meghan’s life and the events which led to them stepping down from their royal duties. It seemed that the couple slightly restored their rocky reputation, so 2022 ended well, and 2023 looked to have a peaceful beginning for the British royals. Sadly, it didn’t last long. 

On January 10th, 2023, Prince Harry released a 400 page explosive memoir called Spare“. Ghost written by experienced New York author J.R. Moehringer, the novel reveals some rather unflattering information about his family, his life experiences, and thoughts and feelings on private (not so private anymore) events he’s been through.

According to the NY Times, “Britain’s Prince Harry has launched a series of incendiary accusations against members of his family in his new memoir, which reveals a number of private confrontations between him and other senior royals and details his split from the family.”

Inevitably, he gives his heart-aching insight on such events as his mother, Princess Diana’s tragic death and how he, “held onto hope for years that his mother may have somehow survived the fatal 1997 car crash in Paris until he went and visited the site of the collision himself.” However, this isn’t what has reviewers of the book typing away at their computers.

Prince Harry uncovered some best-kept-private information. One of the many examples is when he wrote about his 2 tours in Afghanistan serving in the British Army. The prince, quite insensitively, disclosed the amount of people he dispatched during his time serving the military. Many critics such as senior military figures and security experts have blasted Harry for this. According to The Mirror, the former head of the British Navy, Admiral Lord West, said, “There will be serious security issues because of what he said. Measures will have to be put in place to protect the veterans.”

He also revealed his experience with recreational drugs, getting frostbite, watching “Suits” (the show Meghan played Rachel Zane in), and his physical altercation with his older brother. Harry goes into detail about a physical fight with his older brother, Prince William who is next in line to the throne. He claims that an argument about Harry marrying Meghan, resulted in William attacking him and calling Meghan “rude” and “abrasive” according to ‘

The question still being asked is why is Harry revealing all of this private information in his new memoir? Harry and Meghan claimed to step down from royal duties concerning the safety and privacy of their family, but now Harry has gone and compromised all of that in his new book. Harry’s new memoir has resulted in an up-rise of articles talking about his life and rather private issues, but this time all the information isn’t speculated but instead right from the source.

In the end you can’t help but realize that Prince Harry has beat the tabloids at their own game.