Worst Flooding Since 2012 in Nigeria

Starting early this month, Nigeria has been experiencing its worst flooding since 2012. According to CNN, there have been over 600 casualties to date with over 1.4 million people displaced, and water levels have risen over 40 feet.

The Nigerian Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Sadiya Umar Farouq, tweeted on October 16; “We are calling on the respective State Governments, Local Government Councils and Communities to prepare for more flooding by evacuating people living on flood plains to high grounds, providing tents and relief materials, fresh water as well as medical supplies for a possible outbreak of water-borne diseases.” The more specific responsibilities of the branches of government in such an event can be found in Nigeria’s Natural Disaster Response Plan.

According to the NEMA, the flood was the result of an especially severe rainy season. Several reservoirs filled entirely and overflowed, combining with overflow from a dam in nearby Cameroon to result in a drastic change in water level. Entire neighborhoods along the banks of the Niger River have been flooded.