Pandemic Learning Loss is Real and Still Happening

COVID-19 has taken a big toll in the education world. Students are still struggling to make up for all the time lost from the online classes just two years ago. All students learn differently, and at different paces, so switching to online learning was a huge struggle to keep students up to date, having them try to keep up with class; and it was hard for teachers to give students extra help through the screen. 

Remote learning helped a little, but was also a big setback for subjects like math or science. According to The New York Times, there was a huge decline in core subjects. 

Income level also played a big role in the success or failure of remote learning; even though all students started remote learning at the same time, some students struggled because they didn’t have all the resources that were needed for remote learning. 

The Achievement Gap between low and high performing students was always there, but the gap most definitely grew bigger after the pandemic hit and school stayed virtual for longer than anyone could have imagined. Students who were already behind in their classes had bigger setbacks than the students who were ahead. The pandemic showed results of less improvement from the school year before the pandemic started. The students ahead were setback, but maintained passing grades. 

The pandemic did affect all students, but it didn’t affect all students equally; students who needed the most help are still dealing with the most challenges in school right now. COVID might not be at pandemic status anymore, but students still haven’t fully recovered from that 2 year pause of in-person learning.