How to Recharge Your Social Battery

A social battery functions like a phone battery.

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A social battery functions like a phone battery.

What is a social battery?

According to Glamour, a social battery is the amount of energy you use to be social. Introverts have a social battery that drains most rapidly when they’re around people, while extroverts gain charge when they’re with people.

How to tell that your social battery is drained. 

Everyone has different symptoms of a drained social battery, but the most common ones are the feeling of burnout, an unhealthy amount of stress and, for introverts, feeling withdrawn in social situations and wanting to leave during social events. 

How to prevent and recharge a drained social battery.

There are several strategies, according to Medical News Today to prevent a drained social battery, including socializing specifically with people you’re already comfortable with, not spending a ton of time in one social event, and planning time to be alone. 

The consequences of a drained battery. 

When you’re constantly draining your social battery you can feel tired constantly, irritable, and get annoyed with others for little reasons.

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