Lauren Hill’s Lesson About Living

Irina Lopez '18 & Juan Torres '18, Copy Distributor & Staff Photographer


19 year old Lauren Hill suffers from terminal brain cancer. Being given that news would usually stop people from wanting to live, but not in her case. She keeps fighting her illness day after day and does what she loves the most, playing basketball.

According to CNN, she was diagnosed with a defective brain tumor that gave her only four months left of life. Doctors told her that she wouldn’t make it through December 2014. Her dream was to play basketball for a college she signed up for a few days before she received the bad news, and her dream has now come true.

The tickets to her first college game were sold out within an hour and the arena was extremely crowded. She even got awarded with a plaque from basketball legend, Pat Summitt. According to CNN, Hill said, “today’s been the best day I’ve ever had” as she received her plaque.