The 65th Grammy Awards were bittersweet for Beyoncé. During the ceremony, she made history with most Grammys ever awarded.

According to, “Beyoncé is now the most decorated Grammy artist ever. After 88 career nominations, the R&B singer and pop superstar won her 32nd Grammy…for best dance/electronic music album.” However, she was nominated for an extraordinary nine categories that night, and walked away with four awwards, winning none in any major categories. 

Beyoncé has never won Album of the Year or Record of the Year. In fact, a Black woman hasn’t won Album of the Year since Lauryn Hill’s album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, 24 years ago. It’s one of the Grammys most esteemed awards, given only to the best of the best.

When will it be Beyoncé’s turn?

She has been nominated four times for AOTY and lost every single time. And it just doesn’t make sense that she so regularly makes excellent, critically acclaimed music, without winning one of the highest awards in the industry. 

According to TIME, this isn’t just a Beyoncé problem. The Grammy Awards regularly snub people of color from winning the highest awards; Beyonce was the favorite to win the Grammy to many news outlets including Pitchfork.

Her latest album, Renaissance is a celebration of Black and queer music. It’s a journey through different genres, a journey of love and acceptance. Harry Styles’ album wasn’t bad, but it’s also not about Harry Styles. It’s part of a larger story about not giving Black women their due.