Rosa Montes Talks: Being Named APS Employee of the Year


Rosa Montes, a custodian at Wakefield, was chosen as the APS Employee of the Year- the only Wakefield employee to win this title this school year. Rosa was very happy and surprised to win the award because she has been working at Wakefield for 16 years and has never won before.

Rosa said, “I enjoy my job. I like learning new things every day and spending time with my fellow custodians.” Rosa was especially surprised to win the award because people often don’t realize how hard the actual work is that the custodial staff does at Wakefield. It is more than sweeping floors and picking up trash. The custodians clean the pool, cut the grass, raise the flag, get the building ready for sporting events and SOLs, and shovel snow during the winter. 

She wants to thank Dr. Willmore for recognizing and appreciating her hard work. Rosa believes that the custodial staff at Wakefield doesn’t always get the recognition they deserve and hopes that in the future, they will be recognized for keeping Wakefield clean for both the students and teachers. Imagine a day without the custodians in the school; it would be unbearable without them.

Rosa said, “most importantly, I take pride in making sure the school is a pleasant place for all the students and staff who are here every day.”

Thank you, Ms. Montes! Congratulations on being an APS Employee of the Year! When you see her in the hallway, let her know how much she, and all of our other custodians, mean to us here at Wakefield.