We Found Something: 21 Ways to Give Back to Your Community

We found an article published in July of 2022, “21 Ways to Give Back to Your Community” on this website, www.goodgoodgood.co. Their slogan is, “Real good news, not just ‘feel good’ news”. We could all use some good news and good ideas right now.

The article, “21 Ways to Give Back to Your Community”, has do-able suggestions for giving back to your neighborhood. It emphasizing the value of volunteering and the advantages for both individuals and communities. Ideas like join in on neighborhood events, lend a hand in neighborhood groups, and finding where to give of your time and skills.

You could give donations, we all know that, but sometimes we don’t have a lot of money, so there are suggestions for in-kind gifts, and giving goods to food banks or shelters close to where you live. You could write favorable reviews to local businesses, and supporting them on social media, contact elected officials, sign petitions, and take part in nonviolent demonstrations. An important part in the article is where it offers ideas for ways to fund the people doing the work in education, like volunteering at school or donations like snacks and supplies. 

Giving back is a continuous process. It is good to find solid ideas that anyone can do.