Addicted to Chapstick


One girl can carry this much gloss……

Have you ever gone one hour without applying chapstick? As your lips crack, you realize you can’t find your prized possession in your backpack piled among the old granola wrappers and last week’s progress reports? You panic. You feel your lips cracking more and more. You must have your chapstick. Feel like this? Then, yes, you have a chapstick addiction.

“My lipgloss is ALWAYS poppin!” said senior Tino Agbetoglo.

YES, we are guilty of it; don’t be afraid of admitting it. Ask yourself: How many times have you applied chapstick this past hour…more than 5?

“Without chapstick, I feel naked and dependent” said senior Sara Najah.

We’ve come to face the fact that chapstick is a must have item. We don’t just have one. We have a variety in different places. Everyone needs it, unless having dry lips are appealing to you during the  bitter winter weather. We need a variety. Let’s also face the fact that we’ve never fully finished our chapstick before losing it. We need back ups.

Here’s a tip to ease chapped lips: Opt for plain balms without fragrances or scents such as petrolatum (petroleum jelly; Vaseline), beeswax (Burt Bee’s), or even oil-based lubricating creams. Avoid lip balms with toxins or heavy chemicals that would irritate the skin. Doctors say getting addicted to chapstick leads to licking lips often, which is a big no-no!

Why do we have the tendency to keep using it? Keep buying it? When will the chapstick addition come to an end? At least not until April, #warriornation.