Who Is Wakefield’s Student of the Month?


Taylor White '15

The September Students of the Month gather in the courtyard for their photo op.

Wakefield has reintroduced the Student of the Month contest. Each month an administrator, counselor, or teacher can nominate one student for this honor. The September students of the month are pictured above.

Each Wakefield student is given the opportunity to be awarded the title of student of the month. Though, there are common traits that make a student more likely to be elected. Good, consistent work habits are an all-around crowd pleaser, as well as politeness and the desire to learn.

When asked about how he made selected his student of the month, Mr. Cabana said, “I chose my student of the month, and will continue to each month, based on consistency of effort in and out of class, classroom conduct, and curiosity to learn- 3 C’s for Cabana!” Mrs. Cottrell and Mr. Lane said, “a student, who consistently participates, comes prepared, completes assignments, and contributes positively to the class” is ideal for this honor. Mrs. Stotland said, “I selected a student who was curious, conscientious, creative, diligent, and cooperative, and who took ownership for his own learning,” when asked how she made her choice. Students who work hard will stand out, and will most likely win this honor at least once this year.

When recipients were asked how they felt about winning student of the month, their remarks were all positive. Fauzar Abd Kadir said, “I can’t believe that I got student of the month because this is my first time in school here.” Senior Todd Shapiro said, “I feel pretty dope, I think this is the most prideful I’ve ever felt.”

When asked what his personal motivation was, Conrad Burns said, “I just wanted to be the best, even if it were only for a month. I suppose being competitive helped.” Marvin Franco said “something that motivates me is that if I do well in my classes, I know that will look great on my [cummulative] GPA at the end of high school.” Areli Ibarra-Riiz said, “Hopefully, I will win again”, when asked if she would enjoy being student of the month again.

Nothing is more satisfying than being rewarded and recognized for hard work in class. Make it your mission as a student to stand out to your teachers this month. Here are the October winners: http://apsva.us/Page/27756 .

If you are an October Student of the Month, come to Town Hall during Warriors’ Period on November 13th to get your photo taken.