For Wakefield students, by Wakefield students

The Wakefield Chieftain

For Wakefield students, by Wakefield students

The Wakefield Chieftain

For Wakefield students, by Wakefield students

The Wakefield Chieftain

Dear Underclassmen: What I Wish I Knew about Senior Year

Me at Cheer’s Senior Night in the Fall of 2023. Go to every event. Enjoy every moment.

Dear underclassmen,

This year I’m graduating, and as a senior, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned in the process. After all, senior year is your time, so don’t take it lightly. I’m sharing this advice for all of you who may be feeling lost or uncertain about senior year. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Senior year can be stressful, but remember that you have a support system in friends and family. Don’t hesitate to lean on them for emotional support. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from teachers, counselors, and older students who have been through the college application process.

Stay Organized. Your senior year can be overwhelming with college applications, exams, graduation requirements, and extracurricular activities. Create a detailed calendar and to-do list to stay on top of deadlines and commitments. Use the calendar.

Start your college applications before school starts, if you can. Those college deadlines come very soon. Go on as many college visits and to as mnay college fairs as you can. It really helps you find a school when you start looking. Investigate scholarship and financial aid opportunities early. You might find grants or aid that can ease the financial burden of college. There is a new College & Career School Counselor, Wakefield Alumni Ana Lily Cabellero. She can help. She is in the office before the Couseling Hallway in Town Hall.

Embrace Leadership rolls. Take on leadership roles in clubs or activities you’re passionate about. It’s a great way to show colleges your dedication and impact.

Prioritize Self-Care. While it’s essential to work hard, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat well, and find time for relaxation and hobbies. Stay True to Yourself. In the midst of change and uncertainty, don’t lose sight of who you are. 

Think about what you’ll need for college and prepare accordingly. Whether it’s dorm supplies, a laptop, or a budgeting plan, getting ready now will ease the transition.

It’s your last year having fun. Your senior year is a time of lasting memories. Enjoy every football game, prom, and senior class event. You’ll look back on these moments with fondness. Senior year is an incredible journey full of growth and self-discovery. Make the most of it, and you’ll set a strong foundation for your future.

Best of luck as you embark on this exciting chapter in your life!


Yensi Vasquez ’24

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