Auto Tech Is For The Ladies


Karla Reyes repairs parts in Auto Tech 1 at the Career Center.

Cara Poythress '15, Features Editor

Auto Tech 1 is a course at the Career Center that teaches you how to perform small scale maintenance, like oil changes and brake checks. “I’ve always been intrigued by how small parts work together to control a large machine as a whole,” said Auto Tech 1 student and Wakefield senior Karla Reyes. Reyes is currently taking the course at the Career Center to aid her when she goes to school to become a technician.

The teacher of the course, Mr. Little, is a big hit among the students. Reyes said, “He builds a relationship from the first day.” In addition to establishing a close relationship with students, he also tries to help the teachers around him. “I truly admire Mr. Little. He will help anyone with their cars. He tells students and teachers alike to bring in their cars if they need something repaired” said Reyes.

Reyes has always been supported in her desire to work with cars. “My dad always messed around with his cars when I was younger. I’d sit beside him and hand him tools,” she said. “He fully supports me. He would always ask me, ‘Do you want to go to the race track? Do you want to see a car show? I’ll take you.’” said Reyes.

Reyes enjoys Auto Tech in all of it’s entirety, though she is faced with many challenges because she does not have the physical strength of a male, who is the typical Auto Tech student. “My biggest struggle is physically removing parts from other parts. It takes a lot of upper body strength and its hard for me. All the boys make jokes because of it. I’m the only girl in my class.”

When asked what she looks forward to most, Reyes said, “I can’t wait to build an engine.” That’s just one of the many things that students get to learn how to do in Auto Tech. To take Auto Tech at the Career Center, all you have to do is sign up with a guidance counselor and make sure you have two consecutive spots in your schedule to allow time for the course.

AYES, Automotive Youth Educational Systems is an alternate program that upon graduation, sets students into entry-level career positions. Entry into AYES requires recommendations, grade and attendance reports, as well as an AYES form. Through this program, students ultimately get the opportunity to work a summer internship with a Master Technician at a local dealership.

Interested in Auto Tech? Talk to one of your counselors!