I Am Not A WIDA Score

This does not define me.

Bruno Araujo '18 & Juan Torres '18

This does not define me.

Every day I wake up, and I can speak English like everyone else. I was born here; VA is my home state; Arlington is my home town. I’ve been American since my first breath. When I came into this world my mom taught me English, how to speak it, how to write it, and how to read it. All I know is English. I barely know my “other” language. No, actually I do know “my language” very well. It is English.

My brother and sister tease me because I don’t know how to speak Spanish, but honestly, I don’t care. I am proud that I can speak English and I’m proud that it’s my first language, and it will forever remain my first language. I don’t know what made them come to this conclusion of me not knowing English, it upsets me and I get very frustrated.

The fact that someone thinks that I don’t know English well enough because of some test is disturbing to me. Taking this test makes me feel very degraded and very mediocre. They have to pull me out of a class and make me do this test basically saying that I don’t know English enough to get by. They need to quit wasting my time and judging me because I am Hispanic.

How did I even get put on the list to take the test? I didn’t start taking it until middle school. Now, I periodically have to take this WIDA test. The fact that I am writing this article should be proof enough.

I imagine there are other kids and teens out there that have to face this ignorant decision that someone made for them. The only thing you can do is stand up for yourself. Make your voice be heard. Speak out and express your feelings about this. Have your parents opt out of the test; don’t let them turn you into a test score on a list.

If enough of us talk about it, we can’t be ignored.