The Wonderful World of @Wakefields_Wonders

@Wakefields_Wonders has no affiliation with Wakefield High School or the Chieftain, if you have questions or concerns please refer to Ashanti Harris.

High school is one of the most controversial and crucial times, not only because of academia but also because of development. Standards, so many are placed on our student body, between wearing the most extravagant clothes to whoever has the best makeup, high school is HARD. Girls are constantly being put down, they are called “thots,” they are made fun of for their body type; it is one thing to put someone down in person (needless to say no one should), but it becomes completely different when its publicized online for everyone to see.


Ashanti gathers his thoughts about starting the Instagram page in Town Hall.
Ricky Astudillo ’15
Ashanti gathers his thoughts in Town Hall.

Ashanti Harris, a Wakefield senior, is founder of @Wakefields_Wonders. This Instagram page, “is basically an ‘anti-thot’ page; instead of dehumanizing women, I wanted to build up their self-esteem and show them what is more important, inner beauty” said Harris when asked to describe the page.

@Wakefields_Wonders uses photos from volunteers sent via Twitter DM. Harris posts every photo with an inspiring quote. “Everyone is welcome because everyone is beautiful” said Harris. “I have reached out to people through Twitter. A lot of people like the concept, even people who are outside of Arlington.”

Because of its positive welcome on Instagram, Harris wants to, “take it one step further.” “I now have photographers that go out and take photos of girls who want to be on the page.” Harris has also been seeking out organizations to make the page more “official.”

The message is clear, we are ALL beautiful.