The Chieftain Recommends…Course Selections!


Taylor White '15

The staff talk about which courses they recommend for the student body next year. Course selection is over on February 27th!

AP World History
 Mr. Babichencko is a great teacher and his class teaches you to take great notes. It’s a must-take for anyone planning on taking more than one AP class in the future! -Erika Zelaya ’15, Opinions Editor

This is a nice class to have with very interesting lessons that will help you start a small business. Like, really small. Like, selling t-shirts out of a black bag small. This class teaches you skills that you will definitely use in the future. Love, Ramiro <3

Technical Theater
 This class teaches you key elements in working behind the scenes of theater, it’s also a great way to get involved with the Wakefield Players! -Cara Poythress ’15, Features Editor

American Sign Language
 This is an interesting nonverbal language. It is good if you like learning physically  and the teacher is great. This class is so useful to learn how to communicate with a broader spectrum of people. -Olivia Ceccatto ’16, Arts and Entertainment Editor and Gabby Villegas ’16, Staff Writer

Algebra 2
 Ms. Shelton was my all time favorite teacher. She really knew how to connect with the students and really knew her way about teaching math! – Nilofar Tokhi ’15, News Editor

 It’s a great course to learn about the brain and, behavior. Take it if you’re interested in learning more about how your own mind works. Psychology is just the brain learning about itself. -Aziza Sidikova ’18, Staff Writer

This seems like a cool class to take if you want to use military ways to discipline yourself or others. Its also a great way to learn about leadership, responsibility and hard work; Take this course, you wont regret it! -Irina Lopez ’18, Copy Distribution

Forensic Tech.
 This class is a great class if you are interested in solving cases and if you would like to be like the detectives in the TV show CSI. -Juan Torres ’18, Staff Writer

Food and Fitness
This class teaches you how to cook and the techniques of preparing a healthy meal in less time. -Sanaa Elkalibe ’15, Sports Editor

AP Government
Although it’s tempting to take an easier government course your senior year, AP Gov is a fantastic course if you don’t mind the extra challenge. Mr. Grill makes Government easy to understand. After taking this course you’ll finally be able to watch the news and know what they’re really talking about. -Mia Field ‘ 15, Editor In Chief