Five Things To Do On Valentine’s Day: Couples Edition

Taylor White '15 and Olivia Ceccato '16

‘Valentine’s Day is a day to show feelings of love. Here are some fun and memorable things to do in the area to celebrate the day!

1) The National Harbor

The National Harbor is a great, casual place to go. You can walk around and look at all the stores and also look at the beautiful view across the Potomac River. There are many places to sit down and eat. Elevation Burger is a place teens love to go to get great food. Rosa Mexicano is a nice restaurant that sells extremely fresh Mexican food. Thai Pavilion has a mixture of different dishes from many cultures. Bond 45  is a romantic restaurant with a pleasant view of the river. You can also end the date with a ride on the Sky Wheel!

2) A Movie

The following are R-rated movies. Here is a link to The Motion Picture Association for more guidance on how movies are rated and what to expect when viewing R-rated movies.

Simple and fun. Top off your date with a movie that you and your loved one will enjoy. Some movies showing on Valentine’s Day are Fifty Shades of Grey; it is out just in time for Valentine’s Day, American Sniper; a great movie; Jupiter Ascending; starring Channing Tatum; and Unbroken; a sad touching movie.

3) Group Dates

Group dates are really fun for teens! They are less awkward and less expensive. Group dates work well for newer couples who are less comfortable with each other. Some fun places to go for group dates are bowling, a night in DC, going out for dessert, or just a movie night at home with pizza.

4) The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant. You choose different types of meat and veggies to dip into all kinds of fondue sauce. It is on the pricey side, but is a great place for an intimate dinner.

5) If You Are Short on Cash

Most teenagers do not have a lot of money to spend. If that is the case you can still have a memorable date.  You can do something homemade.  You can make a Saturday picnic lunch (picnics on the living room carpet are very romantic), a homemade Valentine’s Day card, bake some Valentine’s Day sweets, or make a picture collage of the two of you.  Doing something that takes thought is always a good choice.

Take some time with your loved one on this day reserved for love.