Pupatella: The Best Pizza In Arlington

Olivia Ceccato '16, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Pizza in the U.S. can’t top the pizza in Italy, but this place right around the corner comes pretty close. This site isn’t that well known at Wakefield, but that should now change. Pupatella, on Wilson Boulevard, is only 10 minutes away and should be your new hot spot!pupatella











Pupatella is a great Neapolitan Pizzeria. The employees and overall environment of Pupatella is fantastic. This little Italian restaurant is run by Enzo Algarme, an Italian man who started #makingpizza at the age of 12.

The crust is a lot thinner than people are use to here; this results in a balance of all toppings, instead of one ingredient overpowering another. According to their website, their oven bricks were built using volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. Apparently it helps bake pizzas quickly, with better quality. On their menu, two different kinds of pizza are shown; white pizza and red pizza. Red is what most are used to, which is the tomato based. White is a more subtle taste, it is basically olive oil on the pizza dough and some Italian herbs added to it.

The restaurant itself is pretty welcoming from the moment you get there, the employees are always pleasant and relaxed. Thursday are good days to go; don’t go on Monday it is closed.

Even non-pizza lovers (who is that?) will say this pizza is amazing after they eat the mushroom white pizza. This place will make you want to go back for more and try a different kind of pizza each time.











Pupatella is the place to go for pizza in Arlington.