Indoor Track: Onward to States


Miles, Hisham, and Ashanti smile in front of the banners before they leave for States. Congrats, boys!

Indoor track is the first Wakefield team to go to States this season.  Senior Miles Taylor, junior Hisham Azizi, and senior Ashanti Mumin will compete at the VHSL Indoor Track Meet this Thursday and Friday.* They travel all the way to Hampton tomorrow afternoon to get ready for the meet. These accomplished boys have put a lot of time and dedication to reaching this level of competition. Taylor will represent #warriornation in the 55m hurdles, Azizi will compete for the Wake in the high jump, and Mumin will run for Wakefield in the 55m dash.

Miles Taylor has been in track ever since the sixth grade. Although he isn’t nervous about States, he is most excited about seeing the other competitors and getting a feel of what is out there. He qualified for States with a time of 8.23. How committed is Taylor? “I had to give up Jazz band to be able to make time and be dedicated to track” said Taylor. Taylor wants students to know that even though they don’t get pep rallies and superfans cheering, “Indoor Track is a sport, too!” he said.

Hisham Azizi has been doing track since 8th grade. He says winning is his motivation to continue in this grueling sport. “My coaches are my motivation as well; they help me get to where I wants to be” said Azizi.  It can be hard at times, keeping up with track and his classes; what sport isn’t difficult when you have classes to balance as well?  When he is competing, he watches his diet and practices every chance he gets. He sees himself competing for a college team after graduation. He’s very committed to track. He would like Wakefield to know that it is one of the most competitive and individual sports available and that each member works very hard to get into competition shape.

Ashanti Mumin is in track because he is talented at it. By competing in track meets, he stays in shape and keeps fit. His advice to kids interested in joining is to just to give it their all; give it one hundred percent. He does his own workouts in the weight room off season to stay ready for meets. To condition during competition, he does cardio and keeps to a healthy diet. He stays away from processed foods; he makes sure he gets enough protein, vitamin D, and vitamin C. Mumin’s biggest supporter is his girlfriend, Fifi. She comes to his meets and supports his healthy diet. He sees himself running in the future, “it is like an addiction,” he said. He hopes to go into the psychology field for his career. He wants to tell #warriornation that, “track is life.” Mumin is recognized in the top six in the region for the 55 meter dash.

These are the unsung winning athletes at Wakefield; their hard work and dedication prove that they are true Warriors. Wish them luck if you see them tomorrow before they leave for States.

*The meet has been rescheduled for Monday, 3/9 and Tuesday, 3/10 due to anticipated snow fall in the VA area. You have more chances to say #goodluck before these young men represent Wakefield at States!