Girls Make History At Wakefield

In a year with a lot of first, on Friday, February 27th the Girls Basketball team added their name to the list; they made history when they won their first Regional playoff game! Bonus? It was on Wakefield’s court. Our Warriors beat the Panthers, 49-47. The game was a match up against two talented Northern Virginia teams. Let’s see what some of the key players had to say about making history that day.

Sophomore and Point Guard Summer Matlack #3 woke up that morning not knowing that she would be the one to make the winning shot to win the game and take her team to the next round. Summer said about her position and role for the team, “I remember that I am the point-guard so people pay attention to me, I am the leader so it’s my job to stay focused and to refocus my team.” Her favorite moment that night was in the locker room after the win. Athletic Director, Ms. Deskins, recorded that moment here. She wants to “become more vocal…a more vocal leader” as she continues  into the 2015-2016 school year.

Forward Lyric Hatcher #23 started her senior year here at Wakefield, transferring from Yorktown High School. She has worked hard to help lead the team to a new beginning. Lyric said, “I transferred for a better environment, and I am completely happy. I wish I started here, or could’ve stayed longer.” Coach Rich, “brings out the best in her.” She knew that day she would have to “completely focus…only focus on the game and nothing else.”

gbb girls 3
Summer, Lyric, and Olivia were driving forces behind the season’s success.     Photo by Lifetouch

Junior and Shooting Guard Olivia Ceccatto Bayne #5 has been on the varsity team since her freshman year. She was very excited that day because she could, “continue playing together with all of the amazing seniors.” She knew going into the game that “the team this year had a really close bond which helped both on and off the court.”

Senior and Forward La’Shea Thomas #25 began that day not knowing how much of an impact her offensive moves would have on her team’s place in Wakefield’s history. Thinking back to the win, she said, “it felt amazing because all the hard work and dedication you put into this game finally payed off.”  She has been playing since the 2nd grade, so she has “put about 10 years” into the game. She tries to keep moments like when she was in 4th grade, “and accidentally scored for the opposing team” out of her head on game days.

It is Lyrin’s first year on the team. Lyrin Hatcher #11 is Lyric’s sister and has also transferred from Yorktown High School. She has been playing this game since the 2nd grade. On that Friday she said, “I knew I would have to focus on the game and drown out what the people in the stands say.”

The pressure was on. The team had just lost on Tuesday on Edison’s court. It was a tough game. They were in 2nd going into the first game of the regional playoffs just three days later. The Massaponax Panthers started the game with 5 unanswered points. After that sputtering start, the Wakefield Warriors tied the game, 10-10, by the final minutes in the 1st quarter. The race began up and down the court. The score bounce back and forth. At the end of the 3rd quarter, our girls were winning, 36-35. With such a close game, everyone was leaning forward in the stands, anxious to see which side of the score board would have the most points at the final buzzer.

As the 4th quarter progressed, the Panthers pulled ahead. With 5 minutes left in the game, our ladies were down but not out, 37-44. (Thanks, Ms. Deskins! Your Twitter account #islife.) With seconds left, they tied it, 47-47. As the ladies made one final run down court, La’Shea Thomas cleared the way for Summer Matlack to make the game winning 2 pointer. As a complete team, our ladies held their own and earned their first Regional play off game win.

Photo by Lifetouch