$5 Formals


Olivia Ceccatto '16

Do some spring cleaning over Spring Break! The PTA needs donations, NOW!

Cara Poythress '15, Features Editor

With prom season quickly approaching, everyone is holding tight to their money in order to look flawless come June 5th. Now, instead of penny pinching or begging Mom or Dad to give you money for a new suit or dress, $5 Formals will save you.

$5 Formals is in it’s 2nd year at Wakefield, having teamed up with Washington-Lee in 2014. Students donate their gently used formal clothes (dresses of all lengths, tuxedos, suits, shoes, accessories), and then they are resold for only five dollars! The proceeds go to Arlington’s Stratford Program, which benefit students with special needs.

Anyone wanting to donate can drop off items in the designated bin at the Main Office, or even these 8 Wakefield homes:
1.   34 South Pershing Dr.   Back porch
2.   2505 Key Blvd (Corner of Key & N Barton St.) On screened porch
3.   3273 South Stafford St (Fairlington) Back porch
4.   5012 South 24th St (Near Wakefield)
5.   2301 South  Inge St (Near Gunston)
6.   1616 South Pollard St (Douglas Park)
5608 South 2nd Street (Near Kenmore)

8.   3414 South 8th Street (Alcova Heights) 

All donations should be dropped off by Sunday, April 12. Take time this Spring Break to get rid of those gently used formal dresses you won’t wear again for a good cause! Here are some of the items of greatest need: all lengths of dresses are perfect, suits, tuxedos, shoes.

Many students were able to get fabulous clothes and accessories at a great price last year. This is not only limited to students that will be attending prom. Do you have a wedding to attend soon? Maybe a big job interview? Come to Town Hall on April 14th and 15th during all lunches and after school to check out the options. The theater department is providing dressing rooms so you can try clothes on, too. There is no excuse to miss Prom this year!