How To Be Body Positive (2)


Big or small, you shouldn’t care at all!

You must be on the seafood diet. When you see food, you eat it!

You’re a light eater alright. As soon as it gets light, you starts eating.

People like you are the reason I work out.

You know you laughed at one of those, at least. That is why I wanted to write another article to promote body positivity. People all around Wakefield (and the world) suffer because they hate their own bodies.  Society praises bodies that are difficult for most people to attain.

I’m not saying be horribly unhealthy. I’m just saying that no matter what point you’re at in your journey to good health, you should be happy with your body.

I’ve always wanted to have a dream where I look HOT. (HOT!) I am a chubby human being; I’m perfectly fine with that. I love eating Chinese food, sweets, and playing on my Steam account until 3 am. I’m confident and super cute, so I still win. I want people to love their bodies like I love mine. It takes a long time, but you can do it. You are in your body all the time, why not love it! You can still dress the cutest and shake what your mama gave you no matter how much shaking is going on.

Don’t use “fat” as an insult. Being fat is not bad, so get that out of your heads. Bigger bodies need to be loved and appreciated too. If someone calls themselves fat, let them. Hopefully, they’re saying that in a positive way. (Us big people don’t need your fake sympathy and 3 paragraph text message about how beautiful we are! Some of us know that already.) Loving your body is extremely hard when people use fat as a negative term. Please take out fat out of your negative hate vocabulary!

If you really want to help someone, then you have to stop shaming them for how their body looks. Don’t say things that will make them feel bad:

  • “Why are you going to eat something like that?”
  • “You sure you want to eat that?”
  • “Do you really want to show that much skin?”
  • “You don’t need to eat that.”

These are major no no’s! You want to help people love themselves, not hate themselves. Don’t comment on their weight, what’s on their plate, or what they decide to wear.

Picking on anyone’s body type is not right. Someone who is happy with how they look is allowed to be HAPPY WITH HOW THEY LOOK.