Living In The Wakefield Choir

Living In The Wakefield Choir

Kelsey Coleman '17, After School Staff Writer

The Wakefield Choir considers themselves a family; they lean on each other when they need help. The Choir Director, Mr. Nader, has been teaching at Wakefield for ten years. He is always looking for fun ways to get the choir to sing. His favorite saying is, “this is the only class that you can really move; you sit in the rest of them, take advantage of this!” Movement helps amplify sound and makes it seem clearer.

There are three different choirs at Wakefield: Concert Choir, Advanced Choir, and Madrigals.  Sometimes all three choirs combine; helping to develop the voices of the beginners. At Districts this past Saturday, all three choirs combined and earned a SUPERIOR rating! Madrigals also performed as a group and earned a SUPERIOR rating! Mr.Nader said, “Districts is the SOLs of Choir.” The highest score a choir can receive is a Superior. When you see them in the hall, congratulate them!

Concert Choir is intended for people new to chorus or group singing. While in Advanced Choir students learn how to sight read and sing harder music. In Advanced, many people have already had singing experience. Madrigals is a small auditioned chamber choir made up of approximately 20 singers. Being in the choir is a lot of work and dedication, but the experience is rewarding. Sophomore and Madrigal Fredo Banzon said, “I joined the Madrigals because I love to sing. Music is my passion.”

Many students at Wakefield join the choir for different reasons. Senior Ashley Colon said, “My favorite thing about the choir is that everyone shares a similar passion, and that we act like a big family: laughing and sharing inside jokes with one and another.” The best part of the choir are the trips; they get to tour the city and go sightseeing.  This year, the choir is going to New York. The real excitement is for next year’s trip to Disney World.

Mr. Nader makes performing music fun. Ashley said, “he is very inspiring and has helped me to grow in my music.” Students learn a lot from Mr. Nader. “He takes the time to make us better singers” said sophomore RaShawn Parent. Mr. Nader learns from the students; “I learn something new everyday. Having music in school is a gift that not all schools are offered.” He would definitely argue that music in the schools is very important, and hopes that the music department will continue to grow. Mr. Nader leaves us with a saying we should incorporate into his life; “don’t practice it until you get it right, practice it until you can’t get it wrong.”

*CHIEFTAIN CORRECTION: A previous version of this article was published on March 26th. It erroneously stated that, “Madrigals is the top choir here at Wakefield; the only way to get in the class is if you try out.” The correct description of the group is, “Madrigals is a small auditioned chamber choir made up of approximately 20 singers.” We apologize for any confusion.