What Are You Listening To Wakefield? #wrul2

Deanna Smiles '16, After School Staff Writer


We asked 20 people walking around Wakefield what they were listening to.

Here are their answers:

Jose Navarrete                                12                                Not Afraid                 Eminem

Hababo Jima                                    11                           Uptown Funk            Bruno Mars

Rebecca Matos                                 9                           Take Me Out         Franz Ferdinand

Christian Matos                                12                             Battle Cry                  Dotexe

Destiny Heid                                     10                              Car Radio               21 Pilots

Emma Mcandrew                               9                            A Little More              Cascade

Kyersten Ellis                                    12                           About You                    xxyyxx

Bria Jones                                         11                           How Bout Now             Drake

Alice Carrillo                                     11                           Trap Queen                Fetty ap

Dominique Wallace                           11                               Sober              Childish Gambino

Lydia Dunbar                                   11                           Uptown funk           Bruno Mars

Mort Haynie                                     10                             Little Man                 Anthem

Jojo Cannon                                     11                          Marlton Monroe           Pharrell

Jordan Simpson                                10                                Young                 Dog is Dead

Miles Kirby                                     11                            Dangerous               Big Data

Joseph Danaher                                10                          Arriving at Nara              Alt-J

Abby Brown                                     11                          Uptown funk            Bruno Mars

Becca Webber                                  11                          Uptown funk            Bruno Mars


Ms.Collins        (Library Assistant)                              A Hundred Years     Five for Fighting

Ms. Felsenheld (Librarian)                                          How to Save a Life        The Fray