Scholastic Art Winners 2015


Taylor White '15

Earth without ART is just EH.

Maya Gaber '16, Original Editor

Last month was Arts in the Schools month. The staff of The Chieftain wanted to celebrate by talking to the winners of the Scholastic Art contest. Here is what some had to say about receiving this prestigious honor:

”It felt really good to win something for my photography, I never won anything before. I got three Gold Keys and I’m really happy with it.”

Junior Gijs Veerdonk 

”I’ve submitted for Scholastics for three years and I have not gotten a gold for my animal pictures and [this year] I finally did and it’s lovely!”

Senior Mckaylee Reavis

”Last year I got Honorable Mentions, then this year I got a Gold Key and a Silver Key; it felt really nice to step up.”

Junior Aimee Tan

”This is actually my first year submitting a photo and finding out that I won an award? It felt pretty good.”

Junior Deng Nhial

”This is my third year entering a photo but the first time to win a Gold Key; last year I won two Honorable Mentions.”

Junior Marisa Defranco 

Congratulations to all of the winners! Keep creating art! We need it.