The Time Is Near

Who has time to study? You do! Plan the time into your schedule.

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Who has time to study? You do! Plan the time into your schedule.

Irina Lopez '18, Copy Distributor

All of our hard work is going to be put to the test soon…literally. In the next two weeks testing hits high gear. The list of upcoming tests is endless: AP, SOL, SAT, ACT, ASVAB…even FINAL EXAMS are near. How can we remember everything we learned in the year? Here are a few strategies to help you get that high score and pass any test!

1. Be Positive.

Keep a positive state of mind. If you don’t feel satisfied about your past grades or don’t feel like you’re going to receive a passing grade on an exam, don’t stress it. That won’t help. There is always room for improvement. Realize what you need to fix and work to reach your goal.

2. Research.

Sometimes we forget about what we learned, and when we get a study guide, we just stare at the completely forgotten material with no idea what to do. Ask your friends and teachers if you’re confused. Also, do some research of your own; that always helps.

3. Have a Routine.

Don’t slack off last minute, you have to finish strong to pass! Make time to study and review, whether its 30 minutes every school night, or longer on the weekends, have a schedule.

4. Don’t Push Too Much.

Pressure yourself enough, but not too much, because then you’ll crash. Take breaks when necessary, but stay focused.

5. Motivation.

Think about those who want to see you succeed in life, that can be you friends, family, or teachers. Find some type of motivation to keep your head high.

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