American Red Cross: Raid Event

Last Thursday, April 9th, the American Red Cross held an event called Raid Cross in Wakefield’s very own auditorium. Every year this interactive event lets local students engage in obstacle courses, games, and other stations to help teach teens about (IHL) International Humanitarian Law. Wakefield was chosen as this year’s host school for the Raid Cross Event. Students from local universities volunteer to run the show and have students experience what it is like, “to be a civilian, wounded soldier, or prisoner of war in a conflict setting through simulated activities” said Ms. Gaither, Wakefield’s Red Cross Club Sponsor.

Students blindfolded experiencing obstacles Photo taken by Taylor White '15
Students were blindfolded and maneuvered through obstacles holding first aid supplies.                                                                   Photo by Taylor White ’15


















College students volunteering and giving the students details about the Red Cross Event  Photo taken by Taylor White '15
College students volunteering and giving students details about the next event.
Photo by Taylor White ’15


Raid Cross had 6 different activities and learning stations, the most memorable were: decision making, being a humanitarian, and battlefield worker. Students felt like they were, “stepping into the shoes of military decision makers, humanitarian workers, battlefield medics and others in order to understand armed conflicts through different perspectives and the laws relevant to various situations” said Ms. Gaither. It all helped students understand these complex situations in the world with concrete examples.

Students cheer and scream as a tool of a helping hand to help their classmate get through the imaginary landmines on the floor  Photo taken by Taylor White '15
Students  give vocal clues to participants to help them wade through the imaginary field of land mines. 
Photo by Taylor White ’15






This event left students with a greater understanding of the layers of difficulty present in even the most mundane of every day activities in an area in constant conflict. It gives our students a chance to really understand how life is like.