The Results Are In: Students of the Month


Photo by Taylor White '15

March students of the month are ecstatic!

Taylor White '15, Photo Editor

The Student of the Month award encourages students to work hard. The great thing about this award is that any student can receive it. Another great part to the award is that any adult staff member can nominate any student. This month there were 51 students nominated. Here is the complete list.
Some of the students expressed their feelings about winning the award:
Freshman Nathalie Ramirez said, “I feel really proud of myself for winning this award, I worked hard doing all of my homework and studying for test and quizzes. I really push myself for getting good grades.”
Senior Sara Shah said, ” I worked really hard was motivated to succeed in my entrepreneurship class. I feel absolutely wonderful about winning, I wasn’t expecting to get this award at all!” Read another article about Sara Shah here.
Sophomore Mykayla Duran-Johns said, “I feel awesome about winning! I think I got this award because I attend class everyday so I can understand all the Biology material.”
Junior Steven Khlen said, ” I genuinely was not expecting to win anything, I just try to do a good job in class and get all my work done. I now have bragging rights just increased for the rest of the year, yay for prizes!!!”
Did YOU miss the March Student of the Month photo? Have you missed ANY of the #SOTM #photoshoots this year? Come by the April photoshoot on Thursday, May 14th in Town Hall at 10:50am. (It is for work done the entire month of April, so students of the month are awarded in May.)