Operation Rain Barrel Makes It to Wakefield


Two Wakefield Art Club students work diligently on the barrel after school.

1,000 gallons of water per year. 40 percent of household water use during the summertime. Save the planet. George Mason University sponsors an annual project called “Operation Rain Barrel.” This project involves distributing rain barrels to Arlington Public Schools. “The purpose of a rain barrel is to collect the water from the rain to reuse it,” said Wakefield Art Club sponsor and Art Teacher, Ms. Dunn. It’s perfect timing too, #EarthDay is Wednesday, April 22nd.

“We are celebrating Earth Week and you should too” said senior and Art Club member Maryam Oukib.

This is the Art Club’s first year participating in this project and they have chosen to decorate the rain barrel with a playful koi fish theme. They picked this, “to relate to the theme of nature” said Ms. Dunn. They are decorating water-collecting rain barrel to be sold at a silent auction for the Wakefield teachers. The lucky winner of this magnificent barrel can use the rainwater that will collect for a variety of things such as gardening, cleaning the exterior of their house, and washing their car.

If you can’t buy a rain barrel and are still interested in saving water then you can make one yourself. Take a large bucket and decorate it with things like stickers and paint. Leave it outside your house so it can collect water when it rains. You can use this rainwater instead of tap water for things like watering your indoor plants, washing your car or even bathing your loyal and furry friend, Fido.
Earth Week lasts from April 19th until April 25th. Take time this week to think of some more cool ways that you can help the environment. Put your great ideas in the comment section below.