4th Quarter Survival Tips


Mr. Della Rocca, Ms. Leich, and Mr. Cabana give advice on how to survive the last 30 days of school.

Interims are this week; are you struggling to get through 4th quarter? Don’t even want to think about the letters SOL, or the words, final exams? English teacher, Mr.Della Rocca; Biology teacher, Ms.Leich; and World History teacher, Mr.Cabana have over 20 years of teaching experience, and advice for you about how to survive the end of the year stretch.

If you have low grades, you might need guidance from teachers to bring your  GPA back up. Mr. Della Rocca said, “It’s very important that students reflect on their habits. A poor grade is not an opportunity to feel bad. Think about why your grade isn’t as expected.” Ms.Leich said, “I would remind students that they have two chance to bring their grades up, the 4th quarter and the final exam.”

Since the SOLs start next week, it can be stressful at times. Ms. Leich said, “They are hard, since the SOLs comes in rows…and count for graduation.” Tips? “Go through all resources…do all the reviews the teachers give you.” Mr. Cabana said, “a little bit of stress is okay as long as it’s not extreme. It’s better then blowing it off; a balance is good.” Mr. Della Rocca gave tips for the day before SOLs; “I think that students first need a good night sleep and to relax. Approach the test…as an opportunity.”

When do students find the time to work? Ms. Leich said, “Use Warriors’ to see if teachers are available. We are happy to help, you just need to ask. Do a little bit each day.” Also, if, your are struggling, Mr.Della Rocca recommended that you “talk to teacher immediately.” Mr.Cabana said, “more than anything, stay on top of work.”

Mr. Della Rocca and Ms.Leich agreed that it should be the easiest quarter because everyone knows how the classroom operates.

As of the publishing date, there are only 30 days of school left. Take Ms. Leich’s advice; “Be positive and confident.” #warriornation