Tuesday Equal Club Field Trip: Witnessing History


Kaeli Williams

Equal club makes signs for their trip to the supreme court!

The Supreme Court will hear cases regarding same-sex marriage on Tuesday, April 28th. The nine supreme court justices will hear arguments from cases in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky. They will have to decide whether the U.S. constitution’s guarantee of equal protection is in compliance with same-sex marriage. The highest court in the land will hear 150 minutes of argument about the cases. They are expected to have a decision by the end of June.

Junior Kaeli Williams, the president of Wakefield’s Equal Club, has gotten a field trip approved to attend the hearing. She urges “all of Wakefield to go. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to be part of history!”

The field trip is open to anyone interested. Field trip forms can be found in Mr. Clisham’s room, or from Williams herself.