The Night at The Ballroom


I turned my head to see the beautiful maiden wandering around the ballroom. She was absolutely stunning with her remarkable yellow dress that housed intricate designs of lace petals. I looked over to see a man in a blue and red military uniform with three medals on his left breast. He began walking over to her, gliding across the ballroom.
“Hello Mademoiselle, may I have the honor of sharing a dance with you,” he said in a very thick french accent, quickly following with a quick kiss to her knuckle.
“Sorry, I am waiting for someone actually” she said. I watched her look around, as she scanned the room.
“I am sure that I am much better than the man you are waiting for; I am Jacques Marquier, General of the French Army” he said with a half raised eyebrow.
“Pleasure to make your acquaintance; my name is Katarina” she said with a full smile.
“Well, you should know that you are the most beautiful girl here.”
“Why thank you.”
“I don’t waste time. How would you like to marry into authority?”
“Ex…excuse me?”

I didn’t like where this conversation was heading, so I slowly tread to a closer distance. Close enough to hear more of the conversation, but far enough to not get noticed.
“You are a very beautiful woman and I am a very handsome man; we would be perfect together, and based on your dress, you are a poor town girl; this would be your chance to do something with your life.”
“I…I…I’m sorry, I really must go.”

I saw Jacques take hold of her hand and not let go. I took notice of Katarina’s furrowed brow andd made the decision to make myself known to them. I quickly walked up to the pair and separated them placing Katarina behind me.
“It is ungentlemanly to force yourself onto a lady, General” I said.
“This is none of your business, William.”
“Ah, but it is my business for I am the partner this lovely lady has been looking for.” I said as I wrapped my arm around Katarina and gave her the quickest kiss on her cheek. Her cheeks flush red; I smile at her. I turn my head so it faced Jacques, he had a scowl on his face and that made me smile even wider.
“Fine, you can keep the hussy” he roared. He stormed out the main entrance while mumbling something about common girls in yellow dresses.
“Why hello m’lady, fancy meeting you here” I said to Katarina quickly following with a grin. She slapped me in a teasing way.
“You were watching, weren’t you?” she asked with a smile.
“Of course.” I look at her, I gazed upon her beauty. Her soft brown hair falling down to her torso in waves, her hazel eyes staring at me; somehow stars shone in them under the brightly lit room, her lips curving into a smile, and her cheeks flushing with pink.
“Wow, what a prince” she said sarcastically. I just continued to stare at her, shaking my head. I stuck my hand out to in a gentle manner; “would you give me the honor of sharing a dance with me?”
“Of course, your highness.”

I chuckled when she said that last part, due to the fact that I noticed she said it teasingly. We strode to the middle of the dance floor hand in hand, guests moving out of our way. I motioned the quartet to play a slow song. We danced, swaying, to the beat. The other guests started to come forward and dance.

Once the slow song was over, the quartet began playing Danish folk songs. The music started to get faster and faster, the people on the dance floor had to pick up the pace of their dances to match the beat of the music. Once the music stopped, and everyone settled down, I lowered my head and whispered the words, I love you. She looked up, her eyes turned green and twinkling with wonder. I took her hand and led her out onto the balcony; I gaze into her eyes and knelt down onto one knee. “Katarina, would give me the honor of becoming my wife?” I asked her.
“YES…OH MY GOSH YES!” As tears filled her eyes, I placed a ring on her finger and it danced in the moonlight. The sound of clapping and music filled the air, I turned and to my surprise, the guests crowded around the entrance of the balcony, clapping at our engagement. The clapping got louder, and I swear, I heard a few whistles, too.

“How was your night milady?”