Ready or Not: High School

Freshmen clown around for the camera.

Olivia Ceccato '16

Freshmen clown around for the camera.

The start of the year brings many events. This year, with the excitement of the new building, some things can be lost in the shuffle. The freshman class has had attention drawn away from their first day of high school by the town hall, curved corridors, new tiled floors, sparkling classrooms, and other related new building commotion.

The transition from middle school to high school can be frightening for freshmen. Each year adults wonder if incoming freshmen are fully prepared for high school. The following freshmen shared their thoughts about this transition. Hailey Finlay, a varsity volleyball player, responded with an emphatical “No!” She went on to say that high school “is completely different.” Other freshmen chimed in with their thoughts on preparedness. “The two lunches are confusing,” said Noah Sampson. Aidan Moloney, added, “you are on your own more in high school; in middle school there was a great amount of constant support.” Even though these students say they were not prepared for the transition, they do love Wakefield!

You are on your own more in high school.

The trio agreed that joining after school sports and clubs have helped them feel a lot more comfortable in the school. It has helped them meet people they would not otherwise meet.

Teachers of freshmen gave additional insight. A general consensus agreed that most of the students seemed a little confused at first. Once they got used to the swing of things, freshmen have acclamated just like any other year in the school. Most teachers believe that these students were prepared and mature (enough) for high school. With all of the fuss of the new building, gleaming windows, and state of the art equipment, Wakefield can’t forget about the new high schoolers tucked away on the third floor.