Bathrooms for The Non-Binary Kid


Being a teenager in high school is very hard; you’re in class trying to get an education, and then you have to go use the bathroom. Y’know, because you drank a lot of water, because you have to stay hydrated; you walk to the bathroom and see two bathroom doors, one for ‘Boys’ and one for ‘Girls.’ You obviously go to the one you’re “supposed” to go in and you feel a little uncomfortable and maybe anxious. No one is there? Perfect! You don’t have to feel THAT uncomfortable. You do your business and wash your hands, and then someone comes in. You start to feel awkward and run out.

Why? Maybe because you are a non-binary kid and do not identify as a male or female. Not identifying as male or female is okay! I’m 16 years old, and I’m non-binary. I feel very awkward at times using the bathroom; there are only two choices. I obviously do not feel okay with entering. Of course I have to force myself to go, but when a girl walks in I just feel weird. I can’t stay in there for very long.

I know you are probably thinking, “Why do these non-binary people want their own bathrooms?”

Not only are they for non-binary kids, but trans kids could also use them during their transition since there are always problems with trans kids using their preferred bathroom. (It raises eyebrows when someone who was born a girl goes into the boys bathroom.)

Bottom line, I do not like only having a ‘boys/girls’ option, I have my preferred pronoun; I would like for people to use they/them. It would also be nice if there was a bathroom and a sign that said “they.”

Having a bathroom for non-binary kids could be a small step to show people that non-binary kids need help being who they want to be (haha.) It isn’t just a phase; we are not confused; we are people who want respect. Just because we do not identify as female or male, that does not make us a joke. Help everyone see that non-binary people exist and matter.

Make a safe place for all genders to go to the bathroom!