Proud Warrior Moment: Girls Lacrosse Has First Playoff Win in History


Alessandra Johnson '16

This picture was taken moments after the first playoff victory in school history. Congrats!

The Wakefield Girls Lacrosse team has had a great season. They started off hot with a 3 game winning streak. They won more games than they lost this year thanks to a unified team effort and great coaching. On Friday, May 15th they won their first playoff game in Wakefield History on Wakefield turf.

In a school year with a lot of firsts, this was a big one. The team has been known in the past for their fun and laughter, not wins. This year, these warriors showed class and grace as they beat Lee High School, 8-7. The game was back and forth the entire night. The winning goal was made by #10, senior Ashley Hidalgo with only 8 seconds left in the game. Dr. Legagneur attended the game and captured the essence of the night in two words. It was a “thrilling win” for our tenacious Varsity Girls Lacrosse team.

Go see our winning warriors in their next game of the Conference 13 Championships on Tuesday, 5/19 at 7pm at Edison High School.