Best Burgers Are Gone, But Not For Long


Fabio Marte '16

Who doesn’t like a good burger?

An abandoned store front. Cardboard covered windows. Errant peanut shells scattered in the parking lot. The hint of burger grease lingering in the air. This is all that remains of the local Five Guys Burger Restaurant. According to the website,, the King Street joint first opened its doors in 1991, the second of these family owned restaurants. The now vacated establishment was loved by Wakefield students, and the nearby community. Perhaps the most notable quality about the restaurant was the sheer amount of fries they gave you. A medium sized cup was dwarfed by the plethora of potato stragglers at the bottom of the bag. These hot fries are in many Warriors’ memories. A remarkable amount of people set foot in this particular store, and many memories were made inside. So many in fact, that Five Guys has set up a memorial for the store. Customers can reminisce about the King Street restaurant, and share memories on the website. One Wakefield student shared his thoughts on the loss: “I’m so mad that Five Guys closed to be honest. It might not have been the cheapest burger around, but the taste made you forget all about that. I really have nowhere else for a good burger now.” Don’t lose hope. There are still two locations in Arlington, and the original location is still open in Old Town, Alexandria. One thing is for sure, wherever there is a Five Guys, there are satisfied stomachs, peanut shells, and smiles.