Wakefield 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Mia Field '15, Editor in Chief

On June 10th at 7:00pm the Wakefield High School Education Foundation will honor seven new Hall of Fame members. The awards ceremony will be held in the Wakefield Auditorium. In the past, The Wakefield High School Education Foundation has recognized several alumni and staff who have made great contributions to society including Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, who founded the Gesundheit Institute, Douglas Mills who is a Pulitzer-prize winning photo journalist, and, Judo Olympic Medalist, Jim Bregman.

Those being honored this year are:

Tom Hakins (Class of ’59) who is the fire chief in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. He was present at both the 14th Street Bridge airline tragedy and the 9/11 Pentagon attack.

Kenya Hunter (Class of ’90) who, after being a member of the Regional Championship Basketball Team at Wakefield, became the Assistant Coach at North Carolina State, Duqesne, Georgetown and Nebraska.

Thomas Moe (Class of ’61) was a Vietnam Prisoner of  War for 5 years. He has earned 2 Silver Stars, 2 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Medal for Valor. He’s in the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame and Ohio Millitary Hall of Fame for Valor.

Elizabeth Trapnell Rawlings (Class of’63) who is a highly esteemed” translator of important historical texts from French. She has been acclaimed by the Times Literary Review. She’s translated Democracy in America, Greek Thought, and The Mind of Thucydides.

James C. Rosapepe (Class of ’69) who is a Maryland State Senator. He’s in the Board of Regents at the University System of Maryland. He’s the Deputy Majority Whip and was President Clinton’s Ambassador to Romania.

Christine Boyd Stopka (Class of ’72) who was a professor at the University of Florida and established the athletic training specialization. She began the Special PE and Exercise therapy Lab, and the Adapted Aquatics program. She is also a Master teacher of Adapted aquatics for children and teens with disabilities.She published 300 books.

George M. Richardson (Staff 1965, ’66 and ’67) he was the principal of Hoffman-Boston Junior-Senior High School when the  senior students were integrated into Wakefield. He then came to Wakefield as an Assistant Principal. He was the first African American Assistant Principal at Wakefield and one of the first African Americans in Arlington’s Committee of 100.

Come help us honor these new inductees. Keep striving for the best and maybe you’ll be inducted one day!