Wakefield Foundation Scholarship Winners


This year 92 applications for the Wakefield Foundation Scholarship were reviewed by Mr. Clisham and several Wakefield alumni; 23 scholars were awarded scholarship money.

$10,000 scholarships were granted to the following students who will be attending four-year schools: Georgia Allin, Sean Ballick, Wendy Berrios, Aleisha Bynum, Shen Chen, Lydia Elias, Patrick Girard, Karl Green, Luis Hernandez, Alfonso Marino, Robel Mengesha, Asa Meyer, Fardous Nahar, and Jasmine Pauldurai.

$4,000 scholarships were granted to the following students who will be attending NOVA: Wafa Khalil, Jacqueline Lemus-Gonzalez, Raquel Mazariegos, Hana Missikir, Khris Mora, Jose Santos, Brenda Salvador, and Gabriela Zelaya-Benitez.

Kye Farrow met all the criteria and was selected to be a Wakefield Scholar. But, because he has been awarded significant funding from other sources, he has been honored and recognized with a one-time grant of $1,000. “Apply for every scholarship you can, even the small ones,” said Kye Farrow, “all that money adds up and gives you the freedom to live comfortably and work effectively in college.” Kye will be attending George Mason University in the fall.

With this big chunk of change, the scholarship winners will have a lightened load as far as college costs go. “I’m going to be using the money to buy books and to help pay for study abroad,” said Georgia Allin. Fellow winner, Jasmine Pauldurai, said, “I think it’s great that it’s given in the form of a personal check”; this helps to limit the chance of losing merit money from the school. Jasmine plans on using the money to buy a new laptop and possibly textbooks for her classes in the fall.

It is clear that the Wakefield Foundation Scholarship Committee wants Wakefield graduates to succeed in college. They want the money to be there; “We understand that college is not easy, and that finding yourself is not easy” said Clisham. The scholarship helps at a time when seniors need it the most.