Seven Spots to Get Your News This Summer!

Franny DeAtley '17, Layout Editor

The Chieftain won’t be updating regularly over the summer, so where will you go for all your news? We’ve compiled a list of online publications you can read while we’re on break!

1. Vice is a great publication if you’re looking for a range of everything. Vice does world news, both online and in their HBO series every Friday night (which I strongly suggest you watch). Aside from world news, Vice writes a wide range of human interest articles; they have columns dedicated to mental health, articles like, “I Spent 24 Hours in a Wal-Mart” and much more. Vice doesn’t focus solely on the mundane world happenings that you hear about at the dinner table with your parents. They write about things that young people would be interested in.

Vice also has tons of spin off sites:

Thump  and Noisey cover music. Thump covers music in Europe, while Noisey is more US oriented.

Motherboard  is focused on the gaming community; whether it be the next game to buy, reviews, or hacks, they have it all.

Vice is definitely a one stop spot for all things news.

2. Buzzfeed is just a fun site in general. It’s a lot like Vice, just a lot less serious. Buzzfeed’s claim to fame was their coveted quizzes: “Are You More Kanye or Jay Z,” “Guess The Boy Band By Their Awesomely Bad Clothes,” and “Are You A Ghost” are some of the most memorable. Buzzfeed also covers news, and writes it so that you get all the details vital to recanting the story, but they don’t bog you down with a complicated format. They use fun fonts; they double space; they keep it short.

3. If you’re the creative type, try Rookie Mag. An online publication written by the readers; it’s formatted like a literary magazine, but it has so much more than that. Updated three times a day, they share photography, poems, essays, comics, drawings, all centered around that month’s theme.

4. If you’re a lover of anti-news, you might want to try The Onion. It’s an online, as well as print, publication that covers news that isn’t news, things that could have happened and didn’t, or just the complete opposite of what actually did. If you’re looking for a laugh, this is where you’ll find it.

5 and 6. The Washington Post and The New York Times are what you’d call “hard news” resources. They started as print newspapers; growing up you might have seen one sitting on your doorstep. They really haven’t evolved from that: all the same columns, all formatted the same.

7. The Huffington Post is a way to get the hard news down with a spoonful of sugar. It started as a blog in 2005, and 10 years later is a reputable news source. HuffPost Live is a great feature of the site to go to for news.

With this sure fire list, it will be easy to keep up to date on world events over the summer! See you at #thechief next year!