Alumni Returns to Teach at Wakefield

Mr. Tran settles in to his new classroom, B-315. #house3

Mr. Tran settles in to his new classroom, B-315. #house3

Destiny Heid '17 and Kelsey Coleman '17, Summer Staff Writers

If there’s one thing that is obvious about Wakefield’s newest Biology teacher, Mr. Tran, it is that he cares. He “went through the whole APS school system…the pit falls and potholes of life” so he can relate to #warriornation. In fact, he was already a member of #warriornation. Mr. Tran graduated from Wakefield in 2010. He said that getting a position here at Wakefield was “magical.”  It’s always been a dream of his to come back to Wakefield, to feel that sense of community and be a part of the Wakefield family again.

Mr. Tran does have some adjusting to do. Some of it is similar to what his freshmen Biology students will experience. The old building was like “the four corners of Earth on a small patch on Chesterfield” but with this new building he doesn’t know where he is, “I can’t just turn twice and find what I’m looking for. It’s all very big.”

He had some of the same teachers you might have now. Dr. Wiersma, who was his math teacher, said “a cool thing about him is that he knows what its like to be a warrior before the school year even starts.” Dr. Wiersma said he still hesitates to call her by her first name. She’s going to help him get over that by “calling him ‘Mr. Tran’ until he does.”

One of his previous science teachers, Ms. Gaither said, he was “very reserved but always paying attention… he was the quiet kid sitting in the corner. Now he’s out there. He does a lot more talking.” For Ms. Gaither having him here makes her feel “old.. like maybe it’s time for her to go.”

Ms.Madden said,” it was a privilege to teach Mr. Tran.” She smiled warmly as she shared her prediction for the year, “the class of 2019 is in good hands!”