Freshmen Football Brings out Their Running Game Against Falls Church


Nicolas Cameron '18

Our freshman football team had a convincing shut out win against the Falls Church Jaguars 27-0. Is the new face of Wakefield football upon us? The team seems to have the staying power to have a must-watch season.

The freshman came into the game with lots of potential and heart. Our newly welcomed warriors played the lock down #WarriorNation defense and their spectacular offense.  Freshman football player Chase Smith said, “the whole day we felt good about playing; we just had to make sure we got the win for Wakefield.” Freshman Gridiron showed lots of skills and finesse leaving the team scoreless throughout the whole game.

In the first half, the Warriors outscored Falls Church 8-0 leaving the Jaguars standing on the field. The freshmen showed Falls Church how the Wakefield Warriors play football. Running back Lincoln Calfee got a hand-off from starting quarterback Gabriel Tham to show off his lightning speed to zoom into the end zone for the score.

The Chieftain caught up with quarterback Tham after the first half; of the performance, he said, “they did a good job of slowing us down. We just need to be better during the second half.” That is exactly what they did; the new generation of warriors came into the second half with no other intentions but winning.

They went into the second half with a ground game more than an aerial attack. The warriors dominated the running game and the Jaguars had no way of stopping the touchdown hungry warriors. Tight end Troy Helton caught two touchdown passes from quarterback Tham for two point conversions. After the game, Helton said, “me and Gabe had great chemistry; we just wanted more points.”

They got them; Wakefield beat the Falls Church Jaguars 27-0.


Travel to Edison to see this team play on Thursday, October 8th at 5:45pm.