The WHS Superfan Legendary Legacy

Kali Burroughs '18, Staff Writer

What gets athletes pumped during games? Could it be the chant of “I believe we will win”? The Celebration Powder Cloud? The full bleachers? 

The Legacy of the Superfans stretches across 60 years. In the past, superfans were witty, loud, and comical. They were the people who got the crowd and teams pumped up and ready to win. At Wakefield, the super fans were legendary.

Long time Assistant Athletic Director Coach Strauss shared the importance of superfans with The Chieftain; I remember when the Basketball team went to States in 2013. It being a big deal not only to the team and school, but to the spectators as well. They were part of the game. It was like Arlington came together, becoming one big Superfan support system.”

We caught up with one of the more iconic Senior Superfans, Emma Burd. Known for always sporting a tutu at the games, she said, “my favorite memory would probably be from Basketball season during my freshman year. We were in a Regional Game and we had a 3 point buzzer beater  that won the game. Everyone stormed the court; it was insane. We tackled the guy who made the shot; the crowd was crazy. It was just so much fun to be in that kind of atmosphere, especially as a freshman, and that’s really when I became really spirited and became a whole-hearted Superfan.”

The superfans were scarce at games last year. Will this year be different? Time will tell. Superfans were out in full force at the last home game against W-L. Make sure to join the superfans next Friday, 10/9 on home turf and support Warrior Gridiron against rival Edison High School.

Don’t leave the players playing their heart out and looking at empty stands from the field.