The Awakening Ep.3

The long (long) awaited sequel to The Awakening Ep. 2.

The shadow becomes the figure of a girl. I ask the little girl her name. Emily is her reply. I also ask how old she is; she says the same age as me. It is weird; I feel as if I known her for years, but there is still a shroud of mystery around her. “Let’s leave; I have a bad feeling about this place” I mumble. We get back on our feet and leave the cafeteria.

Near the cafeteria is an auditorium. We step out and I glance down the hallway; I hear something shuffling towards us. I can’t make it out, but it sounds like it is getting closer. When it gets close enough for us to see it, I see that the thing has no eyes, no lips, no face,  just smooth skin with lurching movements. Emily and I back up slowly; our backs touch the wall. It shuffles past us; I see the side of it’s head. The creature has ears, but there are pulsating veins following from its ear towards its back. The things clothes are tattered and ripped. All of a sudden, noise comes from the cafeteria, like a pan or pot fell to the floor.

The creature pops into some kind of fighting stance and violently moves its body to face the cafeteria door. The veins on its neck start to glow a faint yellow. This time the creature starts to move like a human.

Then, the face starts to morph into a plastic mask of a face. Eyeholes, a mouth hole, and indentations for nostrils emerge from the faint yellow glow. The thing shakes violently. The entire creature looks like it is melting, bt nothing falls to the ground. The thing takes a step and it looks like Mr. Fredrickson. The veins on the side of his head are still a faint glow of yellow. It slowly opens its mouth. HELLO? “he” says.

A chill goes down my spine; I see all the hairs raise on Emily’s arm. Mr. Fredrickson walks into the cafeteria. Emily and I take this opportunity to move down the hallway, still hugging the wall out of habit and fear. We get to the door of the auditorium.

We head towards the stairs. “So, do you have any idea how you got here?” I ask. “I’m not too sure, I woke up in the library what feels like ages ago. I wandered into the cafeteria, then I met you” she responded. We walk all the way to the corner so that the seats could hide us if any more yellow veined creatures found their way to the auditorium. We just sat there for a few minutes.

“What was that thing in the hallway?” I asked. “I have no idea, I never want to see that thing ever again.” Emily responded. I looked at my hands, I had this funny feeling, as if I was in a dream. Emily then laid her head on my shoulder; I was so confused. I guess she fell asleep. I shut my eyes, trying to fall asleep. I felt a lingering danger still hanging over me. Unconsciousness kicked in, then, darkness.

I woke up to a warmth on my shoulder. I looked down. Emily had yellow glowing veins and was laughing. She yelled, “I got him, Mr. F!” and touched the temple of my head. I started to try to yell something. A warning. A threat. Nothing came out. I felt a hot liquidy sensation going through my body. I looked down. My skin was smooth. I felt darkness envelop me. As I turn my head and see the swarm of old classmates, teachers, and staff lined against the wall with faint glowing yellow viens, my final thought is, “No, who is going to tell the others!”

I hear Mr. Fredrickson cakcle and as my brain goes cold and black he says, “The others? Why you are the last one.”